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By Jeremy Barnett | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

Many people feel insecure to share any data to any website or on any search engine. They simply don't want let anyone see their search history or any activity on their device. For this purpose, they use incognito mode of browsing or private browsing. Private browsing simply means to make use of any software or any feature of a search engine to clear their footprints left on the device after any activity. Safari private browsing is specially designed to provide privacy and security in simple steps. So, let's get through following things to get better idea of incognito mode safari.

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Part 1: What is Safari Private Browsing?

Safari private browsing is a technique that keeps your data safe. It prevents tracking and sharing of your search history. It keeps your passwords and personal information from filling automatically. It helps you hide your location also. But even you are using private Safari your website still knows what you are doing on that website at that moment. Also you don't have control over your geo-location.

Part 2: Why We Need Private Browsing in Safari?

When you go for searching or login your accounts they keep your data with them. The data kept by them may include anything like links you use, your logins, your email accounts and anything related to them. Thus your data remains vulnerable if left unattended. You have to use any way to keep your info bound to you for the sake of security.

In this regard, Safari private mode of browsing is helpful software. Safari private is best suited for security and privacy purpose because of its advanced features. Otherwise there is chance that your personal information may be misused. There are various reasons why we need private browsing in Safari. Here are some common facts:

  • Private browsing in Safari will help us protect our browsing history.

  • It helps us to protect the passwords we enter in different websites by not saving them.

  • It doesn't allow any kind of autocompletion by using saved username and passwords.

  • It doesn't let anyone recover the search history of private browsing.

  • It doesn't let some websites to add cookies and caches that can be used to track you.

Part 3: How to Go Incognito in Safari

Up to this point, you are well aware of why you need to use private safari. But you must be wondering how to do it, right? Don't worry. Here is step by step method to guide you on how to set incognito in Safari:

For Mac Computer:

Step 1: First you need to launch the Safari browser and go online.

Step 2: Then from the top menu bar, you need to click on "File" and select "New Private Window".

open new private window on mac safari

Step 3: Now you will see a new blank Safari window on the screen. It similar to other blank windows but only the address bar is darker on this one. You will also see on the top of the window that, Safari has displayed it's a private browsing window.

Step 4: So from now on, if you keep opening new tabs, they will be in private mode. If they don't, you need to repeat the process again to make sure that they are in private mood.

For iPhone or iPad:

Step 1: Open Safari and then tap panels icon in the corner, which looks like two overlapping squares.

Step 2: Select the "Private" option to enable private browsing mode. Now you can browsing without keeping the history or cookies.

enable private browing iphone

Part 4: Can Safari Private Browsing History Be Tracked?

In general, the data in Safari private mode cannot be tracked, as the search history will not be saved to anywhere even in iCloud. Incognito mode Safari for browsing provides you track-free environment on your search engines. And this also because Apple have many restrictions on it.

But if you want to tracking the browser history on Android devices even created on private mode. There are many apps or software that can keep eye on the online activities. MoniMaster is one of such apps. It is a tool that provides parental control and full monitoring on the device activities. This is a powerful and elegant monitoring app that keeps track of browsing, online and offline activities on both Android and iOS devices. Now let's see why highly recommend MoniMaster for you.

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Why Choose MoniMaster:

  • It makes use of iCloud or iTunes to get access to desired device. It traps history of what your child was doing in the mobile phone. Best thing is that it doesn't require direct or visible access to the phone.

  • It also gives you info regarding how many times your child or employee visits a website. It enables you to get idea of mind set of pint of interest of your child or employee.

  • MoniMaster has advanced system in its core that allows it to keep eye on each bookmark of incognito Safari mode.

  • MoniMaster can even keep records of the activities that are up to 1 year old.

  • It also gives you record of sent or received messages and even the number that has sent or received the messages.

  • It also detects deleted browsing history and data of the target phone.

  • It even supports URL searching from the list of browsing activities provided by the tool.

  • All the browsing history can be exported to CSV for you checking.

We know that tracking private browsing activities from an iOS device is not an easy task. But it is on your fingertips with MoniMaster. Here is step wise method that shows how to use MoniMaster Pro:

Step 1: First you need to create an account with valid email address and then purchase a plan.

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Step 2: Next, you will get to a page where you have to verify the target's iCloud account.

verify icloud account

Step 3: After that, you will get to the online dashboard and you can get the synced data there. So, you can start to tracking iOS data in just these 3 simple steps.

start to track ios


Basically everyone wants to keep their chats, calls and searching secret for both privacy and security. Incognito safari mode of browsing enables you to achieve the purpose of protection of passwords, IP addresses and other confidential record. But this technique can be a hurdle in parental control. To overcome this issue, a very useful tool called MoniMaster has been launched to help the parents. Moreover it can also be used in professional areas with simple procedure.

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