How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location Through Satellite Free?


By Jeremy Barnett | Jul 27, 2023 05:37 pm

Can I track location by mobile number? Do you want to know other's current location? Tracking a phone number’s current location is now easier than ever.

In this article, we'll discuss the types of services available, and the advantages and disadvantages of using them. Finally, we'll provide some tips on trace mobile number current location online safely and securely.

Can I Trace Mobile Number Current Location Through Satellite Free?

Yes, you can trace mobile number current location through satellite without anybody knowing.

satellite tracking

Tracking a cell phone location by satellite is actually tracking their location by GPS. Thanks to the built-in GPS on smartphones, many third-party apps use the technology to track phone number's current locations. As complicated as it sounds, those applications on the market incorporate this complex technology with simple operation. And the tracking is 100% undetectable.

How to work:

  • This satellite technique uses the trilateration method to track mobile phones.

  • It uses 3 satellites to track the latitude and longitude position of the earth, and the other is used to track the altitude.

  • The GPS service collects all the satellite information and identify mobile number location through satellite with the help of the intersection point.

How to Trace Current Location Mobile Number Satellite?

You can trace mobile number current location through satellite free by following the below methods.

Things you should know about third-party app tracking:

  • You are required to install the app on target device for the first time.

  • The app icon will disappear after the installation.

  • All the location data be synced in real-time, and it will not send any notification to target device.

1. MoniMaster

As a parent, you must be worried about your kid's safety and whom they are texting. I have the best solution for your problem; MoniMaster is the most cost-effective way to track live location of mobile number on your kid's smart device. MoniMaster also helps record the messages, recipient names and numbers along with timestamps. It supports Android and iOS devices.

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Highlights of MoniMaster

  1. MoniMaster helps track all social media apps along with the photos shared, emojis and also the app notifications. For example, see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook.

  2. MoniMaster helps track the device with 100% secrecy.

  3. Also, you can recover deleted messages on iPhone. The messages deleted in the target device can be retrieved.

  4. All the data present in the target device can be synced in the app dashboard for easy access.

  5. MoniMaster app-enabled to search the texts with keywords.

android monitoring

How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online by MoniMaster?

You can trace mobile number current location with address by following the mentioned steps here:

Step 1. Sign up for an Account

The first step you need to do is "Sign Up" by clicking the Sign Up button and providing your email address. You can purchase a license to use all the features available in the app.

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Step 2. Download and Install

Now, you will be on the "My products" page where you can find the plan to complete the registration. Go through the instructions to install the application and set it ready for use.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Begin Tracking Current Location

Finally, you need to verify the set-up by clicking the verify set up button. Then go to the dashboard to view the target device. You can also check on the left side panel on the dashboard to view the data.


2. Number Tracker Pro

Number tracker pro is one of the easiest ways to solve the problem of find current location of mobile number. All you need to do is to sign up for an account by providing your email address and start searching for phone numbers.

mobile number tracker pro


  • With the help of a satellite GPS locator, you can locate the number from anywhere in the world.

  • The name of the person who's using the target device, carrier, address, employment, relationship status and location will also get displayed on the map.

  • The pro feature of the number tracker has the best coverage, and the search is completely anonymous.

  • Number tracker Pro uses the best satellite technology to locate the current location of the target device.

  • Tracking a mobile device using a number trackerk is effortless and user friendly.


  1. Ability to track a mobile phone from any Sim operator.

  2. The number tracker pro is a free app, and it is available in many counties such as the United States, India, the Philippines, and the UK.

  3. The app provides real-time information about the caller to decide on attending their call.


This app provides one time credits but does not provide any further free subscription service.

3. TeenOrbit Parental Monitoring

Teenorbit is the best parental monitoring app that allows parents to see everything on child phone and track phone number current location.

teenorbit parental monitoring


  • TeenOrbit provide remote access to the text messages of your children's device.

  • It also tracks the GPS location of their device for location tracking.

  • TeenOrbit keeps you informed about all your children's activities.

  • Also, it helps prevent your child from falling into online traps.

  • By knowing your children's whereabouts, you will live at peace.


  1. Ability to locate your children's whereabouts discretely.

  2. Access to the text messages, calls, social media accounts, photos, and contacts of your children's device.

  3. Once installed, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial to enjoy the monitoring benefits of your children's device.


The app uses iCloud data that work only on Apple devices.

4. GeoMaps App

Geo maps use the best geo-location system to track phone number current location.



  • This app works on all mobile networks across the world.

  • Geo Maps works completely anonymously.

  • Once the target cell phone number is given.

  • They will receive an SMS to grant the access permission to locate them.

  • Geomaps can gather information once access is granted.

  • This app uses Secure TLS protocol which is reliable and not publicly available.


  1. Your personal information will not be revealed while you track the number.

  2. This is a great app for kids who lost their location or cannot their way home.

  3. This app can be used worldwide from any smart devices such as watches, mobile phones, etc.


The phone number you are searching for should be turned on to view text message sent and received.

5. Phone Tracker Service

Phone tracker service has been the most popular service all over the world right now.

phone tracker service


  • Phone tracker service has been used to monitor high-valued assets in transit.

  • Also, it is used in a school bus to ensure a child's safety.

  • To track the vehicles and goods.

  • Phone tracker service helps to monitor critically ill patients.

  • It provides real-time alerts on prominent locations.


  1. Phone tracking service helps to monitor any vehicle speed and direction.

  2. It helps to find businesses from your mobile phone.

  3. This tracking service comes in handy to ensure the safety of kids.


The phone tracking is possible as long as the target device is switched on.

FAQs about Trace Mobile Number Current Location Through Satellite

1. How do you find a satellite location?

You can find a satellite location by following the below steps.

Step 1. Type in the Google search bar and click on launch earth.

Step 2. Then provide the street address you want to locate on the field in the top left corner.

Step 3. Now, you will get the address zoomed in on the satellite map.

2. What can a spy satellite see?

Spy satellites can see white and black images used for the military and civilian communities. These details obtained from the spy satellite are classified, and they usually have image resolution from 5 to 6 inches. They can see the vehicle parked in your driveway but not your house number.

3. Can we track the location of a mobile number from which a missed call has been received?

If you receive a missed from a particular mobile number, you can track the location of the mobile number with the help of the PLMN network. These networks are capable of tracking the mobile number and getting the approximate device location based on the mobile number or IMEI.


Therefore, it is possible to trace mobile number current location through satellite and the said procedure is easy to execute. As GPS tracking is the genuine method of applying satellite in order to get the location. So, it will be easier for MoniMaster to do it. This is an excellent app, developed by professionals and equipped with advanced algorithms that track the target device very accurately.

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